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Steve changed Tony’s ringtone to “Star Spangled Man with a Plan” (Clint said it would annoy him the most). So far everyone except Steve’s been accused of it, because Tony doesn’t realise Steve knows how to change a ringtone on a phone. Clint’s keeping his mouth shut to see what other technological based pranks the Captain can pull before Stark notices he can use technology.


Excuse me while I gush for a second:

Do you know how cool is it being part of the football/soccer fandom? Like, while watching a game, I can share my thoughts and feelings with all you awesome people across countries and time zones and languages. Maybe we don’t have anything else in common at all, but for 90 minutes a week we can share stupid inside jokes and agony and excitement and… I mean, I don’t have this in “real life”. Whether we talk or not, if we’re in this insanity together, we’re already kind of friends, whether you like it or not. I dunno. I just think it’s really cool that something as simple as 11 dudes and a ball can unite so many people.

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